Family Affair

866-997-0735 You've heard the term "it's a family affair" but not in the same context as what you are about to read. This s a blog about a young girl going through many changes with her body. And how she dealt with her confused feelings about a special man in...

Family Fun Phone Sex Invitation

   Family Fun Phone Sex Invitation, Call Tori. Yesterday after class I walked home instead of taking the bus like I usually do. It was actually quite nice but what I saw my neighbor doing as I walked by his house came as a huge surprise to me. (more…)

Perverted Fantasy Call

866-997-0735 what is on your mind tonight, wait don't tell me yet. Because, I'm liking the idea of digging into your perverted fantasy call and play with all those extreme dirty thoughts. (more…)

Sucked Daddy’s Boss Off

 I got lucky and sucked daddy's boss off, It wasn't something I could have stopped either. I Have needs as much as daddy does, and to be honest his boss is HOT! (more…)

Sneaky Pantie Boi Phone Sex

Sneaky Pantie Boi Phone Sex None of the girls living at our dorm were aware that they had a sneaky pantie boi around. Or that he would make his rounds. sneaking into our rooms to rummage through our undergarments drawer.  Anytime we were busy practicing our baton twirls. (more…)