Horny Girl Renee wants your cock

Horny Girl Renee wants your Phone Sex Cock

I am such a horny girl, my friends are always saying if you haven’t heard from Renee lately. Then you know she is out being a slut!  I will not deny it either because  I am proud. Not many woman can actually say they are  known as the best cock lovers around town. But I’ve been told that my very long wet blow jobs are the best they’ve ever had. That and my pussy is TIGHT! (more…)

Small dick losers

Small dick losers

Hello to all of the small dick losers reading this right now I’m Renee! For those of you that have not had the pleasure of talking to me yet on one of my favorite kind of telephone sex calls. Then you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.I am a bad ass bitch, and You probably couldn’t handle me! (more…)

kinky Phone Sex Call

renee, kinky Phone Sex Call

Let’s have a Kinky Phone sex Call

It is not very often that I get those super kinky telephone sex calls. But, when I do they are appreciated.
I cannot begin to describe the extremely smoking hot call I had tonight and he was a real man! I know it’s hard to believe that fine man called looking for the normal type sex call.  And he wasn’t wearing panties! (more…)