Big Beautiful Voluptuous Woman, Roxy

Ever been with a big beautiful voluptuous woman? I take it you have never felt the pleasures of a big and soft ass massaging your face. Well, I am a BBW and I have curves in all the right places. I will make myself very comfortable on your pretty face. Rub my big ass all over you, leaving you no choice but to lick and taste my Big Beautiful ass!!

Of course there’s my tits!!

Nice soft real ones too. No surgery to enhance their size.

They are soft and squishy and will never fit completely in your mouth. But, don’t let it stop you from trying. Go ahead, give it a taste.
See, told you so didn’t I ?

You’ll never get a bone poking you from a BBW.

I’m soft as a pillow and luscious as sweet finger licking white cake with icing on it. My pussy will always be moist and slippery for you. Your cock will want to explode from the pressure of my thick vagina walls pressing and squeezing. I know you’ve never felt anything like this before. I’m the real thing, big and curvy with wonderful flavor for your sex palette.

Once you go BBW you’ll never go back to bones and skinny girls.

I will keep you warm and comforted on cold chilly nights. I’m gonna leave the phone on for you to call me and play.

Pick up and dial that number ask for me the queen of Big & Beautiful.

Roxy xxx



I also socialize in mommy son, domination, role play, fantasy fulfillment. And so many many other things.