Horny Girl Renee wants your cock

Horny Girl Renee wants your Phone Sex Cock

I am such a horny girl, my friends are always saying if you haven’t heard from Renee lately. Then you know she is out being a slut!  I will not deny it either because  I am proud. Not many woman can actually say they are  known as the best cock lovers around town. But I’ve been told that my very long wet blow jobs are the best they’ve ever had. That and my pussy is TIGHT! (more…)

Family Affair

Talia-Family Affair

It’s a Family Affair, Talia falls for daddy!


You’ve heard the term “it’s a family affair” but not in the same context as what you are about to read.

This s a blog about a young girl going through many changes with her body.
And how she dealt with her confused feelings about a special man in her life she called Daddy.

That young girl was me. I know what you are thinking , how does a teen going through puberty all of a sudden fall in love with her daddy. (more…)

Masters Dirty Little Girl

Masters Dirty little Girl

Masters Dirty little Girl

A BDSM love story , Shе ѕаt in the middlе of the flооr. Her hands crossed gеntlу bеhind hеr bасk аnd ѕitting оn hеr fееt. Hеr nесk was hеld uр straight, but her eyes wеrе settled on thе flооr as ѕhе sat quiet and wаitеd fоr the one she hаѕ been yearning for. (more…)