daddy daughter fantasies

Daddy was feeling lonely last night and mommy hasn’t been showing him any affection at all. So it is no wonder why he snuck into my bedroom looking for a daddy daughter fantasy.

Daddy thought I would be sleeping but I was still wide awake. but I lay there silent and still until he was at the foot of my bed. Then he softly whispered, Tori baby are you sleeping? daddy wants to get under the covers with you Tori. And he walked to the side of the bed where he knelt down and whispered into my ear.

Tori daddy needs his baby girl to really be quiet for daddy ok.

Momma hasn’t been giving your daddy any loving and that’s why he needs his special girl right now.

I opened my eyes and looked at daddy’s face I could see he was feeling frisky and he needed to let it out. So I did what any girl would for her daddy and told him to get under the covers with me.
He got undressed and under the covers with me so fast and slipped his warm hand between my thighs.

I felt his thick fingers part my smooth cunny lips and he started rubbing me. Then I felt him stick his finger deep inside my tight pink love tunnel. I almost screamed but I was able to hold it in and told daddy tt he could do anything he wanted to me.

No matter what it was he couldn’t get from mommy he could get it from me.
That made daddy’s cock throb and twitch and he demanded I get on all fours so he could stretch my tight young pussy.

Then he positioned himself behind me rubbed the outside of my sticky little pussy. Then pushed his thick daddy dick in so hard and started to give me throbbing young cunny a pounding.

Oops, the phone is ringing I better get that.

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Tori ♥