Daddy Daughter Fun
Hi there it’s your nawty girl Tori!
Everyone knows that I have this thing for Daddy. And I love It when we get to have Daddy Daughter fun together. I had the best time with Daddy last night when he came over and we had dinner together.

He started telling me some of the naughty stories he told while I growing up. Like the one of impregnating his beautiful princess with his magic seed.  I have to say that one was always a favorite of mine as a young girl and still to this day.
Anyway I felt exactly like I did back when I hardly knew how to tie my shoes. We were having such a great time together I didn’t want him to leave. I wanted him to stay a little bit longer.

So I gave him a stiff drink which was the perfect way of keeping daddy here with me for the night.

It may have been sneaky of me to do. Because I knew that if Daddy had even one sip of anything that contained alcohol. He becomes very very naughty and easy to seduce very easy. All it takes is two or three drinks and daddy is ready for anything.
I decided to get closer to daddy and rested my  hand on his thigh.  Then I rubbed him as I looked up into his eyes.
It was that moment I saw in daddy’s eyes he missed how we used to be when I was still living at home. How he could sneak into my bedroom late at night for the kind of love a daddy can only get from his princess. So with our eyes locked I slipped down between his legs and unzipped his pants. Then I slipped my hand inside to pull his semi hard cock out. I knew what he needed It was easy to see it in his eyes and feel the throb in his shaft.
So I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the swelling head.

Daddy let out a loud  groaning!

So I slipped the rest of his thick shaft into my hot wet mouth and down my throat. And I sucked him off hard-and-fast the way I knew he liked it. Daddy was enjoying it so much he took over and pumped his pulsating cock deeper and deeper into my throat. I  started gagging and choking as his erect cock filled my throat and he started to cum.
it was such a huge load I had to keep swallowing hoping that I didn’t drop any of it onto his lap.
When  I looked up at  Daddy I had his thick white cream dribbling down my chin and onto my perky hard nipples.
Call me lets play some more!