dirty secret

 Dirty Secret’s wicked confession.
I love a man that knows how to use his dick. And not his ego a real man!

My small lover is such a pushover – When I tell him it’s a girls night out, he doesn’t tend to put 2 and 2 together.
Especially after I come home with a pussy full of cum and he goes down on me.
I know what he is thinking, that it is wet from sweat and all the dancing.  But the truth is I was busy getting fucked good and hard!
Yes, it’s wrong but who really gives a fuck!?!
It feels so good getting stretched and filled by a different man a man with a bigger better dick. Honestly, Men with a much larger cock than his is more satisfying.
I often think about what he would say if I told him the truth. The truth about his unsatisfying dick.
And the reason I go out every weekend with the ladies.

Now that I told you what my dirty secret and how I crave the feeling of a big stiff dick.

Could you be what I need?

call me, tell me you are hung like a Real man and you have what it takes to satisfy me.
Talia’s  Dirty Secret’s wicked confession.