extreme phone fantasy

What are you thinking of right now could it be having that extreme phone fantasy with a sweet young girl like me? Or are you looking for the perfect phonesex Accomplice to aid in luring the young girl you’ve had your eye on. Ever since the day she and her nice family moved in next door. You watch and think of how innocent she is and you would do anything for a chance to smell her soft blonde hair.

You look surprised that I even noticed. But you should know by now there is not much you can do without me knowing about it.

You’ve become obsessed with her after that day you noticed her outside. She wore that cute pleated skirt and button up blouse with those white knee high socks.

You know she is very adorable and she may even have a hottie for a younger brother.
I wouldn’t mind tagging along as long as you don’t mind. Because you never know when you might need some help. And not just any help but from an experienced accomplice even if it is to do all the dirty work.

It would actually be worth my while to be right there next to you. Watching

as you prepare to steal their innocents.

Oh the phone is ringing could it be you ready for an extreme phone fantasy.