Talia-Family Affair

It’s a Family Affair, Talia falls for daddy!


You’ve heard the term “it’s a family affair” but not in the same context as what you are about to read.

This s a blog about a young girl going through many changes with her body.
And how she dealt with her confused feelings about a special man in her life she called Daddy.

That young girl was me. I know what you are thinking , how does a teen going through puberty all of a sudden fall in love with her daddy.
It isn’t that complicated at all.
And it turns out that it is a very common issue with girls growing up with just a daddy.
I did spend most of my time hanging out with my old man.

So you know it was one of those it is going to happen that daddy’s princess developed feelings.

When I first realized that I wanted something more. Daddy had taken me on a week-long fishing trip.

We must have been gone only a day when I noticed the butterflies in my tummy after my dad took his shirt off.
and all I could see was how ripped his chest looked.
That And every time he cast his line I could see the muscles in his shoulders and arms flex and bulge.

This made me feel very shy as I couldn’t bring myself to look away.
I continued on staring at daddy examining his hot muscular body from top to bottom.

I was In a daze almost hypnotized by my daddy’s toned physique, that I never heard him saying my name Talia over and over.
When I noticed daddy was kneeling right in front of me. Looking into my eyes asking me if everything was Okay.

Oh sure I felt fine.
The problem was I couldn’t speak or move. And I could feel the heat of embarrassment wash over my young developing teen body.
Forcing my nipples to harden under the thin bathing suit material.

And my young cunny to trickle sweet juices causing my thighs to feel warm and sticky.
A few moments had passed and I managed to say out loud.

“Daddy is it ok to have feeling, you know the kind you have with your girlfriend?”

Something inside me said why did you tell him..

And I looked at him and saw he was confused. So I decided the best way to explain it would be for me to show him, and I took his hand and I placed it right above my heart. And slowly I let it slide down over my small puffy nipples and all the down my flat stomach.

I didn’t know what to expect was daddy going to be angry with me or would he be angry. But he surprised me when he slipped the tip of his finger in past my bathing suit bottoms . Then leaned in close to kiss my pink lips.

Want some more you need to call me for the best part of my family affair.