flat chested girls fantasy
Daddy has this dirty fantasy and it’s about young girls with puffy little pink nipples. He loves looking at barely legal girls. You know the girls that have nothing but a sweet puffy nipple, flat chested girls.

It was not like I was looking for daddy’s porn stash either. I was sitting in daddy’s big comfy office chair waiting for him to finish his meeting. When I looked down and I noticed the box under daddy’s office desk.
I didn’t think anything of it but that daddy must have forgotten to put it away.
So, I got down on my knees and crawled under his desk to pick it up. But the lid wasn’t completely on and I dropped the box. And the pictures all fell out and scattered across the floor.

These were not your average family photos , the pictures were of flat chested girls.

And it looked as if they were having fun showing off their flat pink nipples.

Oh but wait, that’s not all. There were also a couple of pictures of me at the lake in my new two piece bathing suit. And what looked like a few droplets of cum smudged across my flat chest.
I would have taken home for later use on daddy but he walked into his off and caught me underneath his desk. But, I had to think quick so I darted out from under his office desk. And then took off down the hallway laughing and saying- “catch me if you can daddy.”
 Giving daddy a quick glimpse of my tiny boobies every few seconds.
Sneaky daddy I thought- as I took off down the hall to find my perverted daddy and tease him with my tiny boobies. It didn’t take daddy long to decide if he wanted to chase me or pull his pants down to stroke his cock.
 Are you horny for some flat chested girl like my daddy?  I know you are so call; Tori!
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