Hot supervisor

Renee’s Hot Supervisor Fantasy Phone Sex Roleplay, In the wake of discovering that the boyfriend had been cheating.

There was no reason I couldn’t join the manager for supper to talk about several thoughts I had. So when he welcomed me to oblige him at the Baton Rouge. I acknowledged and told him I would be ready by seven pm, and he could pick me up.
Later on when I returned home I stripped my clothes off and got into the shower. My stomach felt like I had a million butterflies caught inside. I couldn’t believe I was going to dinner with my hot  boss  from the workplace.
So I rushed my shower and immediately slipped into the sexy red dress I chose for dinner.

Marcus my hot supervisor  showed up on time!

And as I’m sitting on the passenger side of the car Marcus compliments me for the hot red dress I decided to wear for him.
When we arrived at the fancy restaurant he requested us a few mixed drinks. First thing to cross my mind was no to the drink. because I didn’t need this to wind up with us fastening the secondary lounge of his hot new car. Not to forget the fact that Marcus was also the hot supervisor that got my panties damp and I could lose my job.
Be that as it may, he ordered two more beverages alongside a lobster dish for the two of us…
We were sitting talking when he put his hand on my thigh. mm his hand felt so great there I wanted him to go higher up .
He more likely than not knew by the way my body reacted and  he gave my thigh a strong squeeze. Then he asked about whether I would be willing to go ahead.
All I believed was I didn’t need the night to end I was having a ton of fun with him. and he let me know not to stress, as he made arrangements for more fun that night. 

Renee’s Hot Supervisor Fantasy Phone Sex Roleplay!