pantie boi

Sneaky Pantie Boi Phone Sex
None of the girls living at our dorm were aware that they had a sneaky pantie boi around. Or that he would make his rounds. sneaking into our rooms to rummage through our undergarments drawer.
 Anytime we were busy practicing our baton twirls.

Anyway, Everyone gets caught even a Sneaky Pantie Boi.

It is bound to happen the possibility of one of us returning and catching him was very high.

And for the first ten minutes I decided to stand there as I watch the fashion show. This strange person was putting on in the middle of the bedroom.  
I found it quite entertaining, to say the least so I continued to stand there and watch.
And he spun in a circle and reached for the pink lip gloss on the nightstand.
Well, that was about all I could handle. And I could not contain myself. 
I burst into a hysterical laugh and he wet the panties he had on. He was in total shock.
The look on his face showed humiliation, total embarrassment now that someone knew all about him being pantie boi.
It was so much fun to listen to him begging and pleading with me not to tell a soul about any of it. But I still  had my fun with him later on.  And I’m sure he won’t be sneaking around here again.