Phonesex Pervert Sniffing Dirty Panties

I like to get my apartment clean and get my laundry done before the weekend. It helps to avoid the laundry room traffic and I have time to party with friends. This time I decided to start at five am and I grabbed the basket and headed down to the laundry room.

As the elevator door opened and I stepped out I noticed I had forgot my detergent and since no one was around. I left my basket on the counter and went back up to my apartment.
When I returned I was in shock and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

This guy I had never seen in this building standing next to my basket and dirty panties.

This was the first time anything like this had happened to me. I am usually the only one doing laundry at that hour. So, I stood back and watched and waited to see what he would do next. Yeah, like I didn’t already know he would try and steal them or something crazy like that.

And as I suspected, he bent over the basket and reached in grabbing my silk thong that was right on top. That isn’t all he did, he began sniffing and sucking them.

I wanted to walk in and give the guy shit for being a pervert sniffing dirty panties.

But, instead I watched until he pulled his cock out and started to jerk off to my sweet pussy scent.