Roxy Goes All the Way

Roxy Goes All the Way To Get Hired

I love my new office job I landed. Best part is how I got it!! Would you like to know? I applied and never heard a word back from the stuff lady working HR. So, I decided to take a completely different approach to get hired in this great law firm.

I left a resume on one of the partners cars. I had scoped the place well to see who comes in and who goes out. One of the partners was so hot to trot I was fantasizing about him big time. The day I left the envelope on his car I made sure to be in the lobby so he could see me.

I wore a nice tailored suit that fit me snug and tight. Tits were way up and above the call of duty. I have my favorite stockings and heels on too. When he walked in he knew it was me (since I had enclosed a photo too). He told the lady at the desk that he wanted me in his office in exactly 15 minutes. He told her that he’d interview me himself. She took one look at me and said something like “ hmmmm, yes sir”!!

Exactly 15 minutes later I was in his office and didn’t get to say much. He had his hand up my skirt and down my panties within seconds. My interview lasted about 1 hour. I showed him my skills on the desk, under it, behind it and on the floor. I can say it went very well, not to many questions and no stress at all.

Within 1 week I was his personal secretary and working for him and moonlighting for his partners. The other secretaries always give me the evil eye. I don’t mind at all. Did I mention that my envelope on his car had a full size picture of me with no clothes on and a juicy cock in my mouth? Girl has to do what she can to get A Head!! I was giving a lot of it too.

If the details I left out are on your mind, then please call me. I’ll share all them with you.