Smell Fetish Worship her Ass

Smell Fetish Worship her Ass

I heard about you and that interesting smell fetish you have, we have all heard a little. You do know what I’m talking about right.  The one stinky fetish that drives you crazy. You get that need to sniff the sweat drenched crotch of your neighbors soiled panties.

I think you might even have one or two dirty fantasies about her.

And you are always wondering about what it would be like to worship her lovely smelly butt. Do You want her to sit on your face and let you lick her, sniff her, and just worship her hot stink.

you wish you could sniff it all day long.

You can have all that and much more  I’m here right now fresh from a workout. And you know what that means right im very smelly!

Which is perfect for anyone with a smell fetish, like you.

You never know you might be lucky enough to taste a fart or two.

And I want to help you explore it all, that’s if you are ready to experience what it would be like. Laying there on your back. With your head and face right underneath a hot stinky ass. With the tip of your nose poking at that filthy brown stink hole.

Call and you can lick, sniff and worship my smelly butt hole with your nose and tongue.


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