Sucked Daddy's Boss Off
 I got lucky and sucked daddy’s boss off, It wasn’t something I could have stopped either.
I Have needs as much as daddy does, and to be honest his boss is HOT!

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Anyway, daddy is the project manager and takes care of most of the new development ideas for the city.
so he had the team come by our house for dinner and a meeting about some changes.
It was my first time meeting these men.
And well daddy should have know better than to bring them here to our house.
where his very horny teen daughter lives.
Once I met his smoking hot boss I knew right away that I had to have his dick in my mouth and my tight juicy pussy.
As the evening went on I may have flirted a bit with the boss.
But, he did return it and not in the innocent friendly way any other boss would have, Nope!
Instead he invited me to his car told my daddy he had a package he forgot and brought me with him.
When he opened up the passenger side and told me to get in.
He wanted me to tell him what I thought about his brand new ride.
I didn’t notice that he had pulled his dick out of his pants.
until after I was sitting inside his car that smelled of sexy new leather.
When I looked up he wiggled his semi hard dick in front of my face.
And he asked me to suck him off right there.

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