seductive talia


Hi guys, It’s great to be here. I am looking forward to having a dirty sex call with all of you horny men. But first let me introduce myself so we can get into the real erotic phone sex & wicked kinky fun, I’m Talia. The guys say I’m a dick tease.  I  tell them straight.  I like to make all men so horny they can’t help but touch themselves. They are more than willing And pull their pants down to stroke their hard cocks right in front of me.

Sometimes I will give in and let them have what they want. But mostly I rather watch them squirm. And hear them beg me to touch it, kiss it, lick it and fuck it. Before I can even consider doing anything like that.

But you know everyone gets horny and the need to self pleasure takes over and masturbating with you on the phone is the only way to satisfy a throbbing wet pussy. It is a turn on for me to hear your breathing and your hand stroking that thick shaft as you listen to me climax over and over for you. And It is my pleasure to help  make you cum harder than you thought was possible.

If you want to get off like you’ve only ever read about in porn mags or watched in your favorite dirty porno call me!

I’ll take you on a wicked sex ride you won’t ever forget!

And I promise my mouth will be very dirty the way you like it.

But you’ll have to call and find out how naughty and filthy I can be. I am always horny and I never say no. No matter what you Desire.

Erotic Phone sex calls with sexy seductress Talia will have you addicted!

Call  me now,  to jerk  off!

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