Phone Sex Role-Play

Tori confesses her sins,

I arrived home late from bible study, and daddy was sitting in his usual place in front of the TV. I thought I could get by without him noticing me.

But of course  I was wrong.  Daddy had been waiting and called me over.

“Yes daddy”

“Where have you been, it’s 2 hours past curfew?”

“Sorry daddy the other kids went for a soda after bible study and I joined them”.

“Were there any boys, Tori?”
Ut-oh daddy was on to me and he was pissed off.
“Sorry daddy I just wanted to hang out, It won’t happen again I promise”

“That’s right Tori it won’t. Come with me.”

I followed daddy to the back room where we would pray and confess our sins, but this time was different.

He grabbed a chair and placed it front of the crucifix we had hanging on the wall.

And  then he told me to start rubbing my horny teen cunt.

And I begged god to forgive me for my sins…

Tori confesses her sins.