Wicked Sex Dreams

My Wicked Sex Dreams, I had woken up every night dreaming that I was fucking all my friends husbands.

I felt horrible about it but excited at the same time. What was wrong with me? Every time I was with my friends I felt guilty. I became estranged and withdrawn from them. Especially as the dreams got wilder and stronger. When I saw any of the men I felt like I had laid naked with each one of their hubbies.

Well, Halloween parties on our block are a big thing every year. I was on the committee for organizing it and this year I tried to back out. My friends all came over one day and asked me what was wrong with me? I confessed my wild sex dreams to them. They laughed it off and said it’s normal to have dreams like that and not to worry about it. I felt a little better for telling them.

The party night came, and the night was going well. Everyone (adults only) came dressed up in great costumes. The host couple decorated their house up real nice. Little did I know it was brothel night. Everyone was flirtatious,the punch spiked and happy brownies were everywhere. I was getting very friendly and the night took off.

A sex room had been set up with many devices to assist.

I walked in to find my husband strapped to a platform bed with a cock in his mouth. And a woman swallowing his rock hard dick!!

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Next I laid to the right beside him strapped down. I was eating pussy, eaten by men and women. I gave myself completely to every person that fucked or sucked me. My husband and I came over and over. Then, we untied and to our disbelief we wanted more. It became a huge fuck night for us all.

How can I beat next years Halloween party with this amazing one that we participated in. Turned out my neighbors had been giving me silent suggestions to bring on the dreams and desires. Best part is, we kept up with sex weekends and it was amazing for us. I love my neighborhood.

Want details of what we do? Call me right away. I’m a mature older woman with no taboos. I love group sex, mommy/son, cuckolding, dominating , and gang bangs.

Have a fantasy that you think is too wild? Well, try me, I’m wild and can prove it , let me show you.

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